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Originally Posted by advancedlogic View Post
Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Tepper, et al. I want to be absolutely clear, as I received a private message inquiry - I in no way, shape, or form am acting as counsel for Mr. Tanisaka, or any other entity directly involved in negotiations of sale. I am simply a concerned netizen (read: web/computer forum) user.

I opine, as a service to this web community, that sections titled Fourth and Fifth should be heeded by all on the merits stated in Mr. Tepper's response above. I'd also like to thank those at Husker Auto Group for allowing this to end in a constructive, positive way for the auction winner. Perhaps a mutually positive lesson can be gleaned from this experience, for both the involved parties, and those of us watching from the sidelines.

I would like to suggest a generalized proposal. Perhaps a good-faith retraction of the spector of libel litigation can be proposed if members and moderators agree to sections titled Fifth and Sixth in Mr. Teppers response? Just a suggestion to interested parties.

I truly can't wait to see Mr. Tanisaka in his purchased vehicle, and Husker Automotive Group celebrating a successful and fair sale. What a great way to start the week.
Thanks for that.

I don't care who you are, I have been glad of your counsel.

Your suggestions make sense, especially if they ease the pressure on Dooma.

But please will you stop 'opining' - it's really starting to grate!!!!!!!

Just lay the s##t on as you see it, we can take it!

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