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Originally Posted by Scott_J_Tepper View Post
I’d like to post just to bring everyone up to date so that we can all have a good weekend.

First, as I originally posted, this is not some elaborate plot to kick off a new season of Punk’d on April 1st. Ken is serious about consummating the eBay auction transaction.

Second, the hold up has been Ken’s leasing company. It needs the paperwork back from Ken (it sent it to him on Thursday, he received it yesterday, and he sent it back by FedEx yesterday afternoon). We have been told the transaction will fund on Monday – by the leasing company. Ken understands that BMW of Lincoln can't deliver the car until the funds are received. As to how much time Ken has to complete the deal, in one place on the auction site 72 hours is mentioned. In two other places 7 days is mentioned. While I believe Ken has 7 days to consummate the deal from the date we finally agreed to the conditions of sale, Ken wants the deal to be consummated Monday so that this can be over and he can enjoy his car. (By "the conditions," I mean a sale price of $60,000 plus the stated fee of $399 and no restrictions.)

Third, while Ken had originally lined up a new car loan, and posted the screenshot here, when he spoke with Mr. Catania on Monday, Mr. Catania asked him if he would be buying the car outright or leasing it. That got Ken thinking that maybe he should do a lease, and he thought of all the business justifications for leasing. Looking back Ken should have just bought the car outright, but hindsight is always 20-20.

Fourth, Ken is very appreciative of those here who have posted him their support. But he also wishes to acknowledge that the Husker Auto Group ownership and Michael Maledon have been working very hard behind the scenes to make this all happen. In fact, Husker Auto Group offered to fly Ken to Nebraska to pick up his car but Ken had to decline because he is a family man who has a full time job. So, Husker Auto Group has agreed to ship the car to Ken free of charge. And Ken has absolutely no doubt that the car will be in perfect condition when it arrives.

Fifth, people should reflect on Mr. Zimmerman’s letter. While I believe Ken has acted maturely about this and has nothing to worry about, some of the posters here and the Board itself should look at many of the offensive posts that have gone up, particularly those using copyrighted photos from the Husker Auto Group site. Perhaps, in reflection, the operators of the Board will realize that those photos and Youtube links should be taken down, as well as the avatars two posters here have taken from the Husker Auto Group website. Those photographs are the copyrighted property of Husker Auto Group. The same is true for the posts that contain defamatory material.

Sixth, sometimes people should take things at face value. Ken simply wants his car and to complete the transaction. He is not receiving any compensation or consideration for my making this post. We simply want to set things right. We request that people act responsibly, and if they want to support Ken in a constructive way, that’s great. But anything else is counter productive.

Have a good weekend. Neither Ken or I won’t be posting again until we have something to report, which won't be until Monday. I’m going to watch the NCAA basketball tourney and enjoy myself (but only if the Bruins win).

Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Tepper, et al. I want to be absolutely clear, as I received a private message inquiry - I in no way, shape, or form am acting as counsel for Mr. Tanisaka, or any other entity directly involved in negotiations of sale. I am simply a concerned netizen (read: web/computer forum) user.

I opine, as a service to this web community, that sections titled Fourth and Fifth should be heeded by all on the merits stated in Mr. Tepper's response above. I'd also like to thank those at Husker Auto Group for allowing this to end in a constructive, positive way for the auction winner. Perhaps a mutually positive lesson can be gleaned from this experience, for both the involved parties, and those of us watching from the sidelines.

I would like to suggest a generalized proposal. Perhaps a good-faith retraction of the spector of libel litigation can be proposed if members and moderators agree to sections titled Fifth and Sixth in Mr. Teppers response? Just a suggestion to interested parties.

I truly can't wait to see Mr. Tanisaka in his purchased vehicle, and Husker Automotive Group celebrating a successful and fair sale. What a great way to start the week.

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