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Originally Posted by rmmcdaniel View Post
I have a V1 but when I get my E90 M3 delivered I was considering getting a Passport 9500ci installed (link below). What are others experience with custom-installed solutions?

The obvious benefits to me seem to be concealment and no windshield in the way to hinder performance. Cost and portability are obvious negatives.
I'm not sure if the 9500ci install is DIY, but I have always done the install for the V1 by myself. It's pretty easy as far as mods go. However, if you have never done anything like this before, then maybe have a professional do the install.

You can conceal the V1 pretty good with the concealed display module. But, at least for the V1, the main V1 unit is still up on the windshield. I hide it pretty good but it is still not stealth as say, installing a little thing in the bumper. The windshield does not hinder performance any amount noticeable unless you have metal tinted windows. I never consider portability. I install it and leave it. If I do want to bring into another car, I just slide it out of the mount. It's pretty easy with the V1, I don't know about other detectors. Still, it's not a concern for me.

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