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Originally Posted by 0.02eurocents View Post
As of now, giving up is not a solution for ANY of the involved parties.

Ken has summed up a bunch of lawyer fees that will stick to him even if he decides to bin this M3 and get one elsewhere. That would put him into the "loser" position, paying up a lot and not getting ANYTHING in return.

Husker/Fil/VT have a lot of bad press on their asses, so for them it's either a) sell the car (while still making it a hell of a hassle to Ken and trying to squeeze a few hundred $ here or there) and then brag about how customer oriented they are in order to turn the bad press into good press or b) make Ken give up, so they can drag him through the mud and turn the bad press good this way (i.e. by claiming he was a fraudulent bidder who started this libel and slander campaign all on wrong premises).

So, yeah, we entered headbutt territory quite some time ago. Sure as hell, I would not like to be in Ken's position. Also, I am pretty sure, once this is done, a careful evaluation of money spent to lawyers and time involved will ring up the price Ken paid to 75k easily.
I agree with most of this, but it's a fact that Husker has more money behind them than Ken does. They seem to be taking a tact now that at least threatens to drag this out beyond the final transaction. What Ken has to now decide is how far he wants to push this. It's not just a game a chess as others have said... now it's on to poker. If Husker is bluffing, that's great for Ken, but if they aren't, and if they decide to take the whole libel/defamation thing further, even after the deal is done, he'll be out much more just to defend himself.

Just saying... I hope he continues the fight myself, but then again, my financial future isn't at stake in this game.