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Originally Posted by Rob_K View Post
Do you really need to keep posting this over and over? I'm beginning to think you just might be associated with one of the parties involved. Continued speculation with regard to what is actually transpiring is meaningless. On the surface it seems pretty cut and dry. But if that were in fact the case this would have been settled long ago.
The reverse could easily be stated as well...that said, just to be absolutely clear, I have no vested interest, association beyond this forum, official insider correspondence, and the like. So here's the deal:

I, as a consumer, automotive enthusiast, ebay participant, BMW owner, yada yada, wants to ensure that this comes to a positive conclusion. I am well aware and versed in PR machinery and the like. I want to offer supportive members a possible, plausible, rational explanation. Others may or may not have other motives contrary to what I state. Therefore, it is in my interest for the stated reasons to continue to offer plausible explanations when I feel such is needed to counter other points-of-views. I ask you, what is YOUR affiliation, if any, to any party involved?

I'll repost my introduction (post #2079) below for your edification. I am an ACTIVE, CONTRIBUTING member of a BMW forum. Please, I invite you to post your introduction, update your location to something verifyably more localized than "earth", and show your prior postings on other forums as a reciprocal show of good faith. Thanks.

Wow. I've spent the better part of 2 days perusing through 94 pages and 2000+ comments, replies, counter replies and such. Ken, you're definitely setting both precedent and class with your pursuit of this. Before I write anything further, I want to say "thanks" for your efforts thus far.

I am an owner of a 2004 545i, and a proud contributing member of BMWCCA &, a forum for current generation BMW 5 series owners (I am NOT an admin or owner of the site, merely a contributing member). My member name there is the same as here - advancedlogic.

My ride is here:

I found the link to this posted here:

Judging by your responses and your continued and repeated requests to the members of this community to cease and desist with any harassment, libel, case-related direct contact with the dealership or its entities, employees, and related assets, I opine that I cannot fathom the legal standing or ground with which counsel for the auto group seems to threaten you with for recovery. This is in no way legal advice or counsel (such should only be provided by your retained attorney). You definitely have my support as both a BMW enthusiast and general consumer who partakes in E-Bay auctions often. Continue to state only the facts as presented and only on the advice of your attorney.

At the very least, you've shown the power of one, when one is an entire community of persons who detest corporate arrogance and greed.


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