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I cannot believe this is still dragging on, but Dooma's absence is a necessity I suspect. He needs to limit what he's saying right now and just try to get this taken care of. It certainly sounds like the ball is in his court and if the financing is not done w/ the necessary info to the dealer, he needs to get on the financing company's behind.

The dealer isn't likely going to do anything to damage the car... too much at stake. Hell... as someone else said, anything that's wrong w/ the car in the next 6 months is a potential risk for more bad press.

Both parties need to get this thing done and move on. The latest attempt by the big gun lawyers on their end seems to me to be an attempt to get past the bad publicity and limit the negative impact this has had. I also suspect the dealership will survive just fine. In a few months, most folks won't even remember this happening. It will pop up periodically when someone makes a post on an automobile forum about a car they see for sale on eBay, but that's about it.

Still rooting for you Ken... hang in there. But you really need to get the financing noise taken care of or just throw in the towel and go somewhere else for your M3.

edit: Oh.. and to reiterate one more thing... please refrain from contacting the dealer, Fil, or anyone else involved in this. Show your support in this forum, but doing anything else to interfere, even with good intentions, will possibly only hurt Dooma's case.