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Originally Posted by erdoran View Post
Dooma absolutely needs to limit his posts to factual ones in view of the statements made by the dealership regarding possible legal action, or even better, have his attorney do the postings to protect him. It also makes sense for the dealership's protection to have him take delivery there, and have any mechanical checks run there, and it would be appropriate for Dooma to be able to have a mechanic of his choice check things out--but the dealership also has the right to have their own mechanic validate any findings. With all the cr*p flying, they need to (and absolutely have every right to!) protect themselves against subsequent accusations of tampering/damage. I don't see anything wrong with this, it is common sense amd most likely on the advice of their attorney.

I am NOT taking anyone's side here, just applying logic. Regardless of the auction business, in the end it is a business transaction and the seller has every right to establish the condition of the merchandise at the time of sale.

(note for my own protection--I am not an attorney and this is my personal opinion only)

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