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Originally Posted by g00fba11 View Post
Jeff: now it's clear you are a hypocrite or just plain incompetent. How can you so convincingly tell people that you are "neutral" when you "have your own theory" as you stated? Your "theory" doesn't make sense. If he couldn't afford to buy and/or didn't want to complete his ebay transaction, HAG's refusing to sell him the car in the FIRST place, and putting all kinds of barriers and conditions toward deal completion, admitting they made a mistake in the ebay posting, and genarally defiant stand in the media - all these would have helped Ken to walk away from the deal he "couldn't afford", no? If this were the case, Scott, his lawyer, wouldn't have represent him.
Perhaps, and I'd love to hear Dooma explain it; there may be an explanation. But look, this thing has gotten bigger than just a guy buying a car. You've read the letter HA's attorney sent him about the shenanigans that have been going on now that the internet is aware of this -- can you imagine having to come back to that crowd and tell them that, oh, actually, for whatever reason you no longer want the car?