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Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post
Now, in my opinion, and the opinion of many locals not posting for obvious reasons, if Ken really had things preapproved, ready to go before he hit send, then the financal people owe him some explanaition as to why it is taking so long to send the money. The screen shot would show he did so something is not kosher. Others think perhaps Ken hit "bid now" thinking the price would be sniped many times over as other auctions had done and found himself the only bidder..OOps!! Understandable, and maybe completey false, but hey, like everyone else here, I am entitled to my "theory" as well.

Even if the latter was a mistake, by the time he posted his question on the Blogs, this thing took off and he couldn't go back, not with all the excellent advice he was getting about they owe you the car, BMW NA should give it to you, we will set up a paypal and everyone donate $5 and get it paid for...etc. etc... Talk about painted into a corner. Hey, like a said, all theory...and not all mine. I cannot take credit for all of that.
Jeff: now it's clear you are a hypocrite or just plain incompetent. How can you so convincingly tell people that you are "neutral" when you "have your own theory" as you stated? Your "theory" doesn't make sense. If he couldn't afford to buy and/or didn't want to complete his ebay transaction, HAG's refusing to sell him the car in the FIRST place, and putting all kinds of barriers and conditions toward deal completion, admitting they made a mistake in the ebay posting, and genarally defiant stand in the media - all these would have helped Ken to walk away from the deal he "couldn't afford", no? If this were the case, Scott, his lawyer, wouldn't have represent him.