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Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post
My only intent for putting down my title was that I knew that the "data miners" would be searching for my ISP address, seaching for my employ status at BMW of Lincoln etc. I just thought it would be easier to verify as I am all over our chapter website, which I would have posted but it is against the rules to self edify on this forum. Clearly I only posted that ONCE and only for that purpose.

Insert discalimer here: Be clear, my postings in no way reflect the position of BMW CCA, the Missouri Valley Chapter, its members or anyone except for me alone. I have not conspired with anyone, anywhere and only went on a fact finding mission and have reported what I found. I did this because I am local and I could!! Period. I will state again, I have no agenda does not affect me financially, personally etc. I shared the information I had attained and now it looks like I am slowly becoming a target. That was also not my intent. For all I know, I may have said things BMW of Lincoln didn't want said. If so I will hear about it from them.

If Ken has any issue with what I have said, he can contact me as well. I would love to speak to him, reassure him the car is fine and that I am very jealous as it looks 10x better in person. My last conversation with BMW of Lincoln was just this. "The car is his, we have extended the timeframe another 72 hours until Monday. We just want the money before it ships." Seems fair to me.

Now, in my opinion, and the opinion of many locals not posting for obvious reasons, if Ken really had things preapproved, ready to go before he hit send, then the financal people owe him some explanaition as to why it is taking so long to send the money. The screen shot would show he did so something is not kosher. Others think perhaps Ken hit "bid now" thinking the price would be sniped many times over as other auctions had done and found himself the only bidder..OOps!! Understandable, and maybe completey false, but hey, like everyone else here, I am entitled to my "theory" as well.

Even if the latter was a mistake, by the time he posted his question on the Blogs, this thing took off and he couldn't go back, not with all the excellent advice he was getting about they owe you the car, BMW NA should give it to you, we will set up a paypal and everyone donate $5 and get it paid for...etc. etc... Talk about painted into a corner. Hey, like a said, all theory...and not all mine. I cannot take credit for all of that.

Ken...PLEASE find a way to get the money to them and end this. I know both sides want this to work out. Lets hope Monday is a Happy day for everyone!!
If this were indeed true, I don't understand the reason for the lawyer rants? That's what is propagating the firestorm...
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