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I may be wrong in saying this, but something like twenty pages ago didn't Ken say that his lawyer had already sent the deposit to them? This was like five or so pages after Fil berating Ken on the phone and refusing to take his card. I remember it because it was another case of where it seemed like things were getting fixed again.

Can anybody please dig this post up?

It was either by Ken or by his lawyer, and I think that'll answer a lot of questions.

If that's the case, then that means at least part of the money has been sent in and the financial situation should be moot, not prohibitive as put forth by the dealership's lawyers.
Here you go; post # 1591
I wanted to look that up too cuz I remembered reading it as well.

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Anyway, the deal is supposed to be completed tomorrow and my credit card (information sent to Mr. Maledon by Scott) was charged the deposit. So all I have to do is fill out the paperwork. But it seems strange that after acting as it had Lincoln BMW now tries to pull its chestnuts out of the fire by offering my car to someone else. Seems awfully cheesy to me.