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Originally Posted by Mfive View Post
Here's my take after a week of this forum.
Dooma (ken) works as a sales assistant for Husker Auto. To generate a bidding frenzy he decides to post a low starting bid for the new M3 on e-bay at Fil's direction. The TV dealership's lawyers are hungry and smell potential libel blood in the water. Laszlo also works for Husker and dumps aditional gas on the fire through his postings. After a week of forum and blog chatter Husker auto has in fact increased sales activity on new M3's and places a hundred new orders(north america sales record). The TV dealership's legal team has enough libel suits to keep them employed for the remainder of their careers. As a sidebar, Ken's son in the eighth grade is completing a social studies paper on mob internet mentality and receives an A++ and an immediate PhD. Finally, the contract is delayed until April 1 when the greatest hoax of alltime is revealed, rivaling the Sports Illustrated Sidd Finch 168 mph fastballer.
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