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> I'm 16 ... I'm an amateur flash movie maker, and was thinking about making
> something about Dooma's ordeal. Anyone think I should go ahead? If so,
> the picture of Fil would feature a lot.

No. NOT helpful. Please do NOT do this.

> Dooma's absence must be for a reason. I mean, come on. Be logical. Do
> you really think he'd go through all of this to leave us hanging.


I think it is a good time for him to be silent. It is easy. It is a way for him to
give Fil/Husker something they want ... and if his leasing company screwed up
the paperwork, he needs to give them something ... and it is one thing that
he can give them. i.e. It moves the ball forward a teenie bit.

I believe that Fil/Husker genuinely want to close the deal on this M3. I do
NOT agree with the sabotage arguments. Yes, I remember their opening and
mid-course gambits ... but I think they "get it". The risks are just too high
for them to do otherwise.

I am confused by their lawyers. Outside counsel has stated that they are
the point of contact and in-charge; then went scorched-earth. Moments
later Michael M. reappears and makes a goodwill gesture. Who is in-charge?

Perhaps Michael M's posting reflects an impromptu reflection that scorched-
earth was one step too far? Or; perhaps they considered it necessary to
get everyone's attention. Ergo; the unexpected goodwill gesture may be a
peace offering and attempt to de-escalate. Perhaps BMWNA is the force
behind the goodwill gesture. (I'm just guessing here folks.)

I also believe that they want/need Ken in Lincoln for the delivery - for an uber
thorough and guided examination on the rack - perhaps with local BMWCCA
wrenches and/or BMWNA engineers observing or participating, followed by a
nice long, thorough acceptance-test drive to insure that everything is indeed
A-okay. Doing anything that adds miles without Ken present would be nuts.

If this M3 has ANY latent mfg defects that are not found and corrected at
delivery ... the conspiracy theorists will overwhem this thread.

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