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Originally Posted by Laszlo View Post
Where is Dooma? Have they told him to be quiet? Is the libel suit already in play? Is this entire thing a hoax? Is Dooma, and maybe countless others playing us to pay the piper?

Since there are serious litigation issues at play, I can only surmise that perhap's Ken's legal counsel has chosen to proceed at a pace that serves Ken's interests, should the matter reach a court of law. My opinion to all is to maintain support and withhold further judgement until the next business day (Monday). While the typical car buying experience can take place 7 days a week, matters of law requiring counsel are typically a Monday through Friday affair where attorney negotioations are concerned.

I opine that there is the very real chance that Ken may not be speaking until negotiations resume with counsel. Do not let the preceeding elude you, or this community. Continue to show your support through constructive posts and the like, but I'd advise against any unsolicited attempts to contact, harass, berate, belittle, and defame any individual or entity while the spector of litigation hangs. It isn't difficult to understand why this is important.