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All the speculations as to who Ken is, is this a fictional account, fake attorney interviews, plots, etc. are quite an interesting hypothesis, but as stated previously, quite doubtful considering Ken's 5 year Ebay history, the 145 verifiably smooth transactions, the national exposure, dealer/attorney interviews, offers and counteroffers, and the like.

What I surmise has happened is that, considering the advanced negotiation stages, stance, inferences, monitorings, internet vigilantes, and the like that has transpired, perhaps it has been advised that postings within this medium may be misinterpreted and thusly used later.

Official statements have set C.O.B. Monday as the cutoff date. Now this is purely speculatory on my part, but perhaps then we may here something. Keep in mind that there are very real lives involved with very real consequences if law isn't followed to the "T". Before the conspiracy theorists poison the outpouring of support witnessed, I'd like to simply offer the preceeding point of view.

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