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Originally Posted by Rob_K View Post
Sure the names are real. But are they really posting? I find it very peculiar that attorneys are posting on a message board with respect to a very high profile matter that is far from resolved.

Folks get real comfortable on message boards and very quickly let their guard down. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just very practical and literal. Not everything you see, hear, read, feel can be taken at face value. Again, I could be wrong. It happened once back in 1977 when I...

Seriously, stay tuned for a shocker.
It would make for a very intriguing story, but I guess I am foolish and think it is not a fictional plot.

The Lincoln Journal Star had this in their article:
"In an interview Tuesday, Tanisaka’s lawyer, Scott Tepper, said he couldn’t comment because discussions with the dealership were still going on.

Ryan Mathis, sales manager for Husker Auto Group, acknowledged Monday the dealership had agreed to sell the car to Tanisaka."
So they at least talked to Tepper. I can not think of how a reputable attorney could play along with a hoax.

Hopefully Ken can get us an update soon. Good luck Ken.