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saw your edit, but how do you personally know first-hand if payment was sent, but not "recieved" ??[/quote]

I don't know if payment was sent or not. I was told that a Credit card was offered on Monday during a conversation and that was acceptable. Don't know the circumstances surrounding that decision. Some state Fil squashed that himself, whatever. A no condition agreement was entered into and a 72 hour deadline set. That passed and now another 72 hour deadline has been set. That is all I know and is clearly outlined in the letters that were posted by legal counsel verifying what I said earlier. BUt, clearly you are correct, I have NO knowledge of the status of funds received or not. I am sure there would be a record posted here by Ken or his council if funds were in fact received. That would certainly verify the truth here.

After my visit, believe me they want the car gone and for Ken to get it. The other "libeil" matter with the local Husker Auto Group counsel letter was news to me and clearly as outside this deal happening as the talk of retreiving legal fees from Husker when this is over. Different matters. Lets get the deal done first.