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Originally Posted by 750li View Post
I have been reading all these posts from the beginning. I have to say that I have laughed many times at the jokes that were made. At this point in time I feel bad for what ken is going through. we should all remember the the forum thread started with the line . "won ebay auction ....and bmw of lincoln refusing to honor." as a business man and bmw driver for over fifteen years I have bought, arranged financing and ordered cars with a telephone call to my dealer confirming receipt of an email requesting the options and colors i wanted. Husker's attorney could have called Ken's lawyer and said we want to put this behind us and move on. They could have agreed on financing, terms payment etc and this forum would have ended 50 or more pages ago. The dealer could have turned this into a HUGE promotion for themselves brought ken in with local press tv, bmw club etc to see Ken take delivery of the famous ebay M3, and say here is How Husker turned this into a happy ending.

Instead they feel discrediting ken is the way to go. They are trying to argue that ken can not afford the car or does not have the financing to do so. And now the argument is that HE did not abide by the TERMS of the AUCTION. IMO this is bs. To date Ken has turned down offers of members willing to paypal him money. If you look at the numbers that this forum has generated ken could easily have received enough in donations to pay for a M3 for him , his lawyer and have money left over! I am still hoping that ken will take a paypal donation. No one can argue that he has not provided all of us with quite an interesting read. Good Luck Ken!!!
That's the kind of behavior that lends credence to his story. He's repeatedly turned down what would have been an outpouring of cash (mine included). In my opinion, I don't believe his ability to pay, or his intentions, are an issue for debate.

Up to this point, Ken has left 100% of his 145 e-bay clients with positive experiences, as both a seller and buyer of goods. I don't think he'd jeaporize 5 years of ebaying on a BS bid. He obviously recognized the great pricing on an E90 M3, and took a chance. Any reasonable ebayer has done the same. In this instance, he won. That it has reached such a crecendo of support is amazing to witness.