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Originally Posted by Elisabeth View Post
While this thread technically fits the basic definition of libel, this is not an actual circulated medium. Users must register to post here, or actively seek out information from this source.

Also, I believe that in order to sue for libel, you must first be able to prove that the individual actually printed/published misleading or false information. As I stated earlier, I feel there was really no motive for Dooma to begin this thread with fake info; he was merely seeking advice for a situation that occurred on eBay.

A few minutes ago, the thought also occurred that most of the publicity was not actually Ken's fault. Some of us forwarded this thread to other sources (,,, The Lincoln Journal Star, etc. etc.), and spread the word. I fail to see how they expect to prosecute this case with so many anonymous individuals involved.

And I'm pretty sure (not a lawyer but I was a Journalism major at one point) that BMWoL and VTAIG would have to prove damages in order to successfuly pursue a lawsuit for libel. According to some sources, business has never been better for Husker, so I'm not sure this approach would hold much water. Sounds more like saber rattling to me.

Still the question remains, why is this going on so long?
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