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Originally Posted by Jack28 View Post
So what happened exactly? You were driving and a Service Engine Light Come one??
Thats crazy that it would do that. If I were you I would just take
it real easy till the 1200 Miles Service, even all the way up to 2k.
BMW sates that a good break in period is at 4k respectfully.
I know its gonna be hard but Im going to baby my car even after the 1200k service!
I mean after the 1200k Mile Service I will Take it up higher then 5k,
But just not get on it every second and not puch the living crap out of it.
Im still going to baby my car! Im really conservative when it comes to the break in period.
Im still going to take it easy after the 1200k service but not as easy as before 1200k.
How you drive The first 4k miles determines the rest of the life of the motor....
See your already taking it up to 6k and you got a Service light on.

Just seriously take it easy and baby it untill your 1200 miles serive!
If I were you I would still take it easy up till 2k......

Best of Luck


Actually, no service light came on at all....that is what confused me. My car was the one who sent the message to my dealer indicating that it needed service. As you suggested, it would probably be a good idea to take it easy past 1200. .....My driving style up to 653 miles was definitely not conservative, but also nowhere crazy. Maybe I punched it one to many times. Who knows? The BMW tech and many others say I have nothing to worry about, and to just take it a bit more easy until 1200. ****Check the general forum...there are some good explanations there.