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Originally Posted by chakalakasp View Post
I don't want to be the jerk that ruins the internet mob, but this story no longer seems as clear cut as it did at the beginning. For one thing, rarely will a lawyer out and out lie about a verifiable fact that they were aware of (and can be proven they were aware of) in a certified legal letter. You get disbarred for that kind of stuff. So we can only take that letter at face value. If Dooma has given them valid financing information and that can be proven by Dooma's attorney, then he never EVER would have received a letter like that.

I'm not sure what all this means, but I'm now getting the impression that key elements of this story are being omitted. If that's not the case, I implore Dooma to explain; this is the second time now my BS detector has gone off while reading his updates. (And I've read all of them.)
I'm wondering what's going on. I think the deal is real, but I think Dooma screwed up by trying to go the leasing route instead of doing an outright purchase. I told him he'd be better off buying the car outright.