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Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post
if they wanted to stop the Sh!tstorm, they should accept the payment (its a check, which will probably means it takes a few days to clear, so they shouldn't be crying the very next day when the funds haven't fully been transferred). They have the chance to make things right, and so far, they haven't. its as simple as that.
There has been no payment offered, no check, just a credit card last Monday....for a $60k car!! That is old news. Since then, the deadline has been extended to this Monday. Even if it were for a deposit....given the circumstances and all the "great" advice given. I think there was a post a while back that covered this issue. A certified check or money transfer or something from the Leasing Agent would have been fine. Besides, it was noted that he already had secured funds prior to hitting the "bit now" button. Where is that money???

Just my observations. Not passing judgements or bashing Ken, perhaps the financial folks sending the funds need a nudge.....


he got pre-approved for cap-one which would fed-ex the check next day to Ken to deliver in person (if local sale) or to dealer. then it takes a few days to clear, and last i remember there's more than 72hours in 7 days.

saw your edit, but how do you personally know first-hand if payment was sent, but not "recieved" ??