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Originally Posted by Rob_K View Post
OK, I've been watching all week and just can't help myself.

I'll be the first to call it - Ken is actually a 13 year old living somewhere in Kansas.
Originally Posted by av8thor View Post
(cough) post 1457 (cough)

"In fact, I'm going out on a limb here and am going to propose something crazy... Maybe the whole deal is a hoax. PROBABLY not. But if it is, you heard it here first, folks. (I think)

/tinfoil hat off."
I have to admit this thought has crossed my mind, but I know for a fact philippek is the real deal and since he's offered to handle the "re-delievery" I'm thinking Ken is, in fact, for real. I've even asked philippek to confirm his involvement on another forum and gotten a confirmation from him.