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Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post
You are so correct in that statement rough crowd. After 10 years in the military, I have grown a very thick skin and learned to consider the source. The only thing about being questioned is, you have to really care about what the people are saying or questioning you about. Believe me, anyone who knows me, knows the situation, knows I am not blowing smoke or fabricating things. To the best of my knowledge and experience, that is what I am passing along. And really, if people don't choose to share my position, which I assure you is neutral, fine. They can't cancel my Birthday!!!!
Completely off-topic here, but this reminded me of a funny story I read years ago in Reader's Digest Humor in Uniform - One of the frequent sayings in the military is, "what are they gonna do, take away my birthday?" Well, it turns out the Navy can take away your birthday. This guy got into trouble while his ship was at sea and got put into the brig the day before his birthday. While he was in the brig his ship crossed the international date line and presto, they lost a day and effectively took away his birthday! We also used to say, "what are they gonna do, stamp my meal card 'no dessert?'".