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Originally Posted by CnoteMD View Post
Considering how internet savvy many of the members of this forum are, I am amazed that no one noticed "urban legends" in the webpage address. Even worse, just reading the beginning of the article reveals:
Netlore Archive: Article attributed to Tonight Show host Jay Leno labels the majority of Americans 'ungrateful, spoiled brats' for saying they're unhappy with the current direction of the country

Description: Emailed article
Circulating since: March 2007
Status: Falsely attributed to Jay Leno
Analysis: See below

Comments: Apart from uttering the words that inspired the final paragraph of this text, Tonight Show host Jay Leno had nothing whatsoever to do with its authorship. The original was written by columnist Craig R. Smith and published in November 2006 on under the title "Made in the U.S.A.: Spoiled Brats."

Nicely done. If everything else fails, read the instructions.
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