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OK, I've been watching all week and just can't help myself.

I'll be the first to call it - Ken is actually a 13 year old living somewhere in Kansas.

It's truly amazing how quickly folks jump on a bandwagon to support some random person who sets up the perfect David and Goliath scenario. Everyone believes every single thing he posts while all the while setting all semblance of reason aside.

If this was all real, the deal would have been funded immediately. The dealership wouldn't be so stupid as to let this drag out so long and make a public claim that they haven't received funding if they actually have.

This has got to be one of the biggest fabrications ever. It'll be the subject of many a psychology lecture when discussing mob mentality for years to come. I'm very interested to see where this ultimately goes, but I've got $10 that says the end of this saga will be a twist that no one ever expected.

If this is truly real, and Ken is a real guy who really does want to (and can) buy the car then I'm rooting for him as I've been screwed myself on ebay many times as both a buyer and a seller. It would be nice to see some justice for the "little guy". But again, I'm not holding my breath that any of this is real...