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Originally Posted by MonkPDX View Post
THIS has become completely insane!!

At this point, the ONLY WINNER is the "Legal Profession", as Legal Fees continue to be generated by Attorneys on both sides.

Husker's reputation is trashed, not that I care.
Ken has endured unbelievable stress, in addition to lost time, and mounting financial risk.

How many times have we seen "THE POWER OF THE INTERNET" used in this thread?? WE HAVE to come up with a solution to help Ken, if we are all as smart and powerful, as a Group, as we like to think we are.

We can't let it go down like this. Not for our sake, but for Ken's sake and Ken's wellbeing. I have no final investment in this "saga", other than time, but I know that I will feel like a LOSER, IF the Dealership prevails.

The Dealership will survive this. Fil will probably survive this, and may even eventually LAUGH about it over a few drinks with his peers, but what happens to Ken?? Will he able to buy a "new" M3 when this deal tanks, and he pays his legal fees and other associated costs?

"When the tough get going, the weak get screwed"

"It is better to be the hammer than the nail"

excuse the rant.............

wrong dude... "the only winners are legal profession".. with respect, they are the only winners, but monetarily. based on principle, Ken will prevail. they are COUNTING on this to find any excuse to prolong and infuriate to either : accumulate further costs and/or to provoke an action.

they will survive it, thats most likely true.... and clearly evident that it their intention, of holding out longer than Ken.