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Originally Posted by DCLeopard91 View Post
I love this part:

"my client is
fully prepared to incur whatever costs are necessary to insure that the public is fully
apprised of the true facts concerning this transaction, and to seek recourse against your
client and others that were directly and proximately responsible for the damages
suffered by the dealership."

o really??? How exactly are they going to do that???? How are they going to find ALL of the people that have "caused damages", direct and proximate, and sue them in a court of law? Are they going to try and sue every poster in this thread? Thousands of people, most of whom don't live in Nebraska and some of whom don't even live in the U.S.? LOL, I love it, they are so funny.

He is "advised that, apparently, it appears that Mr. Tanisaka will be unable to fund the transaction"... hmmmmm, that's a lot of unsure words in one sentence that cannot be backed up... "advised" by whom and is it correct?
"appears" why does it appear? because Fil called you and said they won't accept the financing he already has? Or Fil just called and LIED to you and said no financing has come through??

I would strongly suggest you provide proof of funds to these A-holes ASAP, exactly what was provided to the dealership so they can see it because clearly the dealer is probably lying to their own firm.

Also, there is no way for Ken to back on every internet forum and post something else to "retract". The first time he begins something like that, it will not be enough for them, they will want more and more and more. I say stick to the guns and buy the damn car.

Also, to whom did BMW of Lincoln offer to pay for the flight or the car transportation to Cali? Ken, were you called directly? Scott, did Maledon say so? I don't even buy that.

personally, i think they're trying to stall or prod the fire hoping for a technicality to get off the blame. DON"T DO IT KEN !! its stall after stall, then trying to pass the blame onto you. "sure we'll complete the deal" (i'm the good guy) "you can't even afford it !" (cast doubt onto you, you bad, they good). now, "we still want to complete deal" (we STILL good, and trying to be helpful), but "you paying with invalid mean" (you're bad guy). i say advance legally to OFFICIALLY put them on the spot even more so. enough is enough. they're obviously trying to get you frustrated to commit an error. in a sense, they've got your car hostage. and when you're trying to pay ransom, they're upping the ante. BOGUS !! advance legally, so its not just a closed door privately b/w 2 parties. let the world know what a piece a work these guys (Van Tuyl / husker auto). i'm sure nebraska wouldn't want to be associated with them (NCAA always investigating business relationships with universities).