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Originally Posted by FILABUSTR View Post
Any reasonable (sane) person should realize that the "clock" for financing should start once the sales was accepted and terms agreed upon. When Dooma was informed that it was a mistake the "clock" should have stopped until an agreement was reached!

Why, why, why would Lincoln BMW even want to drag this out longer?

The longer this goes on the worse it will be for Lincoln BMW.

I have a sales office in Lincoln. I'm going to call them and maybe get some of this posted on their bulletin board. There are a lot of BMW owners working there and might like to know about this little fiasco.

Stick to your guns Dooma.
the long it drags out the worse it gets for them. now, there's even MORE reason to investigate their illegal practices. they want to recoup their losses, by trying to trick him into signing the price $60k, but with their financing, which they will try to hook him with an OUTRAGEOUS interest rate. sneaky SOB's.!