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Originally Posted by RX7owner View Post
Mr. Gomon,
I don't typically confront people over the 'net, so let me simply remind you
that it's very easy for a voting populace to stay with an incumbent (I'll
refrain from pointing to the POTUS (well, I guess not)). I'll also mention
that the great majority of these posts contradict your position as the
quality and rectitude of your local dealerships.

Yes, upset customers are noisy, but why are they upset? Is it because
they're angry at being treated so badly? Are they all wrong? Is every
one of the people who've said "Husker Bad!" delusional, and you, and you
alone hold the truth?

Other than that, best of luck with your Chapter. Aside from the political
end of things, I know it takes a lot of work to maintain a volunteer

Again, this is not written in an argumentative tone at all.
Not really sure what "rectitude" means, even with a college education!!! LOL..

I am certainly NOT SO STUPID as to think there haven't been some people that have had bad dealings, or raw deals, at BMW of Lincoln. Some of them are posting now. But for 4-5 people, some past employees who are scorn and possibly rightfully so, is just not a huge number in my mind. Are there others out there, probably yes. But there are almost 1 million hits here....only 5 people!!!! Ok...give them 10 people pissed off then.... I would say I agree that there is probably at any given time of the day, a customer at one of the 368 US BMW Centers that is getting a raw one. My job is not to defend the Dealership. That is not what I was doing. I had some information that NO ONE had, many were asking for and I was quiet about it for about a week. I had many members contact me but were afraid to say anything because anyone posting ANYTHING positive was completely blasted, called a troll and personally attacked.

I appreciate you recognizing the ammount of work it takes to build a membership base that started out at only 113 members into something that is now hovering steadily around 400-500 with many events, at least one a month. I have great people around me and would never accept praise for doing this myself. Some of the best people I know are members of the club and I am proud to call them friends.....