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BMW M Power,

I too have been a BMWCCA member for a very long time about 20 years minus a 2 year hiatus in the middle for college. I read the Roundel from the moment it arrives cover to cover. I am the one who posted on our Forum at BWMCCA about this. I like the idea that you are giving your $.02 to this situation, but I am uncofmortable that you are using your "president" status as your signature. For all the readers here, he is not representing BMWCCA and nor am I. You intentions might have been to be unbiased and share information with all of us, but your post was clearly supporting the dealer. Have you spoken to Dooma to get both sides of the story?

I contacted Dooma on day one to invite him to our LA chapter. I hope he joins. Southbay BMW is Awesome and will take good care of him.