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Originally Posted by rainsux View Post
> If you knew me, I am always joking and being sarchastic. Grain of salt here
> please ...


I think we'd make fine friends, but doubt our paths will cross. The only auto
that I regret selling was my 2002tii. I'm embarassed, but will admit that I
swapped it for a [cough, look at shoes, mumble] oh, nevermind. Stoopid,
stoopid, stoopid.
UUhhh!! I won't remind you what a Nice 2002tii is worth these days....THere is a wonderful frame off restoration of one that a guy owns in KC. Think the cars name is "Stella" and the article is called "Stella got her groove back" I bet you could find the article online. MAN is that one nice restoration. Every nut and bolt is perfect.