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Way too many people with way too much inside knowledge posting on this.

Specific details of the customer-dealer negotiations should be confidential, I sure expect mine would be, and only increases the bad image of the dealer.

The poster who first brought up the "Can't afford it, is leasing now" comment posted the lease deal before the purchaser informed us. Bad, Bad, Bad.

Too many of the "dealer supporters" have posted neutral comments on the dealer and highly negative slants on unimportant details of the buyer. Even on the Ebay page the seller lists the leasing company as acceptable to them. So why slander the lease details or its timing.

The buyer has been questioned for being unwilling to accept the dealers (now) offer to get him there at their expense, to complete the deal. Ask yourself whether YOU would risk going into their territory after all the anger they've expressed? Not me.

Requests for personal financial details? Well, duh, the dealer wants to make a few bucks off the financing too. Been through it, no thanks. Ask yourself whether YOU would give those details to a dealer who has displayed such anger so far, and who seems to share these details with "loyal customers".

Why would there be now 4 attempts at intimidation (we're a multi billion dollar company, condition of purchase by manager requires negative publicity be negated, condition of 1st lawyer requesting buyer negate negative publicity, 2nd lawyer's threat to file suit over negative publicity), and through it all the buyer has requested a halt to the prank calls. But apparently the "loyal customer" claims they are selling a lot of BMW's because of this publicity. If that were true, then why would the dealership be trying so angrily to stop the flood they started?

The buyer has the right to decide the method of financing, and certainly has the option to change his mind on the means of payment. Ask yourself if YOU would pay full to such a seller based on the current state of affairs? No, you'd look for an outside lease to at least keep your dealings 3rd party, and place more of the risk on the lease company. All wise choices in the game so far.

Remember, when we buy from a dealer, we are the novice, they are the expert. They handle finances hourly that we see rarely. Not only that, they know ALL the stall tactics, and certainly have it in their arsenal to find a way to cancel the whole deal. Look at the current example"you took to long to close (because we stalled you!) so the deals off."

Don't forget, they will probably know at least someone at every leasing corp/financing corp, and may well have the inside connections to "stall" the buyers financing just long enough to "Ooops, too late, deal's off" !!

This is by no means over yet.

Take another look at comments of "satisfied customer", regarding ownership. Obviously Fil (if he is part-owner) will have full power to interfere where-ever he chooses, and does not need to listen (yet) to anyone, as he seeks to avenge his damaged pride. So he digs the hole deeper.
This will continue until someone above him takes away his shovel.
So far, not yet.

To date every posting by the buyer (or his counsel) has been basic descriptions and reporting of details.

To date most postings by the sellers friends/trolls/counsel have been lengthy error-filled attempts at defamation, distortion and intimidation.

Good thing it's all here in perma-text on the internet for all to see in perpetuity!

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