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Originally Posted by RX7owner View Post
Mr. Gomon,
I'm a 10+ year member of the BMW CCA (gotta remember the *******,
and while I've never owned a BMW (joined for the track events), I've been very
impressed with the friendliness and welcoming attitude of the members I've
met. I also read each issue of the Rondel, with particular attention to the
letters section, as well as Mike Miller's Tech column.

You clearly want to maintain good relations with Husker, seemingly at the
expense of disgruntled owners. There've been plenty of other posters who've
made clear their own difficult/disappointing experiences with BMW dealers,
Husker or others, and yet you're telling us that the two local dealers are all
[paraphrased] "fine, upstanding citizens".

No, I don't think so. I think you're more interested in maintaining the "perks"
you might get from your position as a Chapter President, and don't like seeing
the boat being rocked so violently. If I were a local Chapter member, I would
be paying attention to your position, and looking around for another member
to support in the next election.

Perhaps that's wishful thinking, but hey, if more Chapter heads were willing
to fight for their members, maybe enough little pushes would finally be able
to steer the big BMW boat in a better direction, one where customer
appreciation really meant something.

Thank you for being a longstanding BMW CCA member for 10 years. For 10 of my 16 years of membership I have been the President of this Chapter and have run unopposed every time. I have been told I might have to move away or die to get replaced. I do appreciate your position on Chapter relationships as it relates to dealerships. Remember, BMW NA is hugely involved with the club as well and obviously sees that relationship as mutually beneficial or they wouldn't be offering the loyalty discounts of $500-$1500 for members that buy New or CPO's. This chapter would not fold if the dealerships failed to support the events. To suggest that I would use this forum to further my relationship with dealershp for "perks" is rediculous. I can see how you could weave that angle into it, but that is certainly not the case. I have NEVER bought a car from any of the dealerships, get no more discounts than any other member would (which is 20-25% at either dealership) and other than getting called when cool cars come in on trade (that I cannot afford) or to stop in for some Free Starbucks Coffee that everyone else gets, I got nada. I do not want to get into a debate with a fellow member and that is not my intent.
Hope to see you at the track some time!!!