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When I read the forums this morning, I thought everything had been settled and the car had been shipped.

Now that I've returned, I see 2 letters from lawyers both saying Dooma has not sent payment and that we're ALL going to be sued for libel.

1st off, good luck to the lawyers to find all of us that have posted to sue us for libel.

2nd of all, Didn't Dooma arrange financing BEFORE bidding? I think the dealer just doesn't want to give up the car.

I agree w/ those that say Dooma should personally fly out to hand the dealership a check, with a bunch of TV outlets present. I'd also immediately turn the car around to an authorized shipper and then have it shipped back to South Bay BMW to get it inspected before I'd be willing to drive the car at all.

Doesn't BMW of Lincoln owe Dooma and his lawyer legal fees? If they hadn't tried to back out of the transaction from the get go, Dooma wouldn't have those legal fees he has incurred. I just think that BMW of Lincoln should pay for Scott Tepper's fee as well, in addition to shipping and a plane ticket to NE to buy the car.

If they had just honored the original bid and let the transaction go, they wouldn't have lost as much money as they have now.
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