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Hello followers of the mayhem

...Further, the car is Kens, it HAS been since Monday,
Jeff, you may believe this as told to you by the dealer. I for one, given the subsequent indications (such as their attempts to put terms on how long Ken must hold on to the car, Fil yelling and refusing to take Ken's credit card, etc. etc) seems to indicate that ego has taken overpowered common sense and logic on behalf of the dealer, Fil in particular (assuming he has logic and common sense to begin with).

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As President of BMW CCA, Missouri Valley Chapter in this region, we have a great relationship , as do our members, with both area dealerships... Do I know the facts, seen the documents, heard the terroristic phone messages, text messages and other various pranks, and seen the disgust in the eyes of the operators that field these calls, yes. Still I kept quiet...
Jeff, may I respectfully suggest that you are probably not as objective as you think you are. You had previous personal relationships with them, and you've never in your life met Ken in person. You've seen all the supporting documents first hand from Fil's side. Did you per chance listen in to any of the calls between the dealership and Ken/Scott? Finally, I am sure you realize tour relationships with Fil can make/break your events success.

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This is, in my opinion, nothing more that mob mentality and has gotten way out of hand.... can share this with you. That place was packed all week with people going in to check out the "infamous" ebay M3. In fact, BMW of Lincoln has sold, and pre-sold, more cars to locals this week thru the foot traffic generated by this so. I would bet they have lost nothing from the stack of new sales order I saw.
Let me post this to you...had it not for what you call "mob mentality" (and Scott's represenation), do you really think Ken stood a snow ball chance in fiery inferno of getting even a bit of respectful response from the dealer? Why do you make it sound as if "mob mentality" is so bad when by your own observation, and Husker's bragging in the local newspaper, that they sold a ton more fine BMWs because of this publicity?

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To be quite honest, both of our area dealerships have great reputations and the CCA members go to whichever dealership is closer. The comments I am getting are, actually, not well received as to the comments and portrayals of the dealership by the bloggers. Most are saying it is just not their experience. Many supportive calls and e-mail were sent as well.
If this were true by just one iota, it wouldn't have progressed to this stage. They would have recognized the faux pas in the at least by the 3rd mistakes out of the hundreds by this time. Will they testify that they never shrill-bid their eBay auctions? How about the unresolved BBB complaints? Plenty of wasted opportunities...plenty.