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Originally Posted by UsedCarSalesmanwCombOver View Post
As stated before, BMW NA just makes the car and sells them to dealers. They do not want to get involved with the problems associated with dealerships and selling cars (and why dealerships exist). Should there be a problem with the car, that's where their obligation starts and ends. And as this problem began with an auction, even more reason for BMW NA to stay as far away from this as possible. The one who gets dinged here is Hukster BMW but as I wrote this morning, you probably will not get a call from BMW NA as your phone number will be off a few digits and BMW will get some other guy on the phone who will say, "I never bought a BMW but if you are giving one away, i'll take it!" or a message "phone number not in service, please try again."

And let me not forget to mention EBAY. They obviously have shown that they have lost their way unless someone eventually got a hold of you and helped you out.

Anyways, congrats on finally getting this resolved. Maybe you should offer Scott the privilege of driving your car for a month or two as payment. Just tell him to make sure club girls don't stain the red leather seats!

true....they make fine products....but if dealers are treating ppl like crap, who'll buy them ?

i'd buy a lex or a benz or soemthing else just as luxurious, if i knew i wouldn't be treated like that.