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Originally Posted by gtb75 View Post
Indeed it can - so can the 8500...

The 8500 and 9500i can simultenously display multiple signal indicators, for multiple bogies, on multiple bands. ...
I guess it late for me or maybe I'm just dense . But, I can't figure out how the multiple signal indicators is useful. Now, if you had say, an LCD display, something like a color iPod display, then you could have it display signal strength for each bogie and combine this with the direction that the signal is coming from, then that would really be useful. Just an idea.

Originally Posted by gtb75 View Post
The 9500i also adds a few "nice to have features" beyond the GPS... Things like an ambient noise sensor for automatic volume control and an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness.

As I said earlier, the 9500i, V1, and STI are all great detectors - just comes down to personal preference
V1 has a light sensor too, but no auto volume. They should add that. But I certainly agree that either of those three detectors are tops and any would get the job done. See one of my previous posts in this thread. If you can't decide which one you want, then get all three and send the two you don't want back before the 30 day money back thing.

One exception to this though: if you drive in Virginia, DC or certain (most) provinces in Canada then only the Bel STI will do.

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