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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Yes, apparently so. This was answered by a 9500 owner a few posts ago.
Indeed it can - so can the 8500...

The 8500 and 9500i can simultenously display multiple signal indicators, for multiple bogies, on multiple bands. My V1 only had one signal strength indicator for all bands. While the bogie counter on the Escort is a signal strength indicator (not a number), it can display many of them at the same time. Just look at the ExpertMeter display on the link I provided above... Every vertical line next to the band letter is a signal strength indicator for a single source. So in that picture, it's displaying the following:

2 KA-band signals at maximum strength
2 K-band signals at maximum strength
4 X-band signals at maximum strength

The 9500i also adds a few "nice to have features" beyond the GPS... Things like an ambient noise sensor for automatic volume control and an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness. It's a truly "set it and forget it" device. For daily commuting in my area, all I need to do is get in and drive... If it goes off, I know the there's a LEO in the area because it would be silent otherwise. No, the Escorts don't have the arrows, but that's the only thing they're missing in my book.

As I said earlier, the 9500i, V1, and STI are all great detectors - just comes down to personal preference
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