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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
Dude, relax. I wasn't cutting on you or your driving skills. All I was trying to say is the troopers ain't dumb and lots of people forget they know about all of teh technology. I'm sorry I was unaware that the 9500 counts boggies. And if you think speeding is so dumb why are you in this thread---technically 10 over the speed limit is speeding, so you saying 75 in a 65 is stupid? More importantly why would you own road cars that can go fast if you think speeding is stupid? Just build a stripped down race car to take to the track. Why by a "not slow car" if you plan on going slow?

Either way, no intention to insult or attack you and I am sorry if it came off that way.
I didn't take your post as an insult - I was just commenting on my driving style. I also have a friend who's a county cop, so I know their side of it as well. I personally don't consider 5-10 over speeding, even though it technically is... I was talking about the fools who street race on public roads

As far as my owning fast cars, my plan is to replace both of my current cars in '09 with an E92 M3 and then get a tow vehicle / dedicated track car (C5 or E36 M3). While I don't drive like an idiot on public roads, I certainly do enjoy my driving... I was on a GT-R kick for a while, but came back to the M3 for that very reason - driver enjoyment / involvement. Seeing as the street is where I have to do most of my driving, I might as well enjoy it
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