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Originally Posted by gtb75 View Post
Firstly, I road race (BMWCCA, NASA, etc.) - speeding on public roads is stupid. Secondly, I haven't had a moving violation in over 11 years - and I don't drive slow cars (see my sig). I use a radar detector as a reminder more than anything.
Dude, relax. I wasn't cutting on you or your driving skills. All I was trying to say is the troopers ain't dumb and lots of people forget they know about all of teh technology. I'm sorry I was unaware that the 9500 counts boggies. And if you think speeding is so dumb why are you in this thread---technically 10 over the speed limit is speeding, so you saying 75 in a 65 is stupid? More importantly why would you own road cars that can go fast if you think speeding is stupid? Just build a stripped down race car to take to the track. Why by a "not slow car" if you plan on going slow?

Either way, no intention to insult or attack you and I am sorry if it came off that way.