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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
From coming from someone who knows a few troopers, one day you are going to get cooked. Cops know that those with radar detectors, even those without the GPS marking system, remember where false signal are because of signs or permanent mounted radar guns. The cops then sit right by the signal and laugh their ass off as you blow by thinking its just the same false signal as always. Happens all the time on 467 (Blue Route) in PA. So be careful.
Firstly, I road race (BMWCCA, NASA, etc.) - speeding on public roads is stupid. Secondly, I haven't had a moving violation in over 11 years - and I don't drive slow cars (see my sig). I use a radar detector as a reminder more than anything.

As far as LEO's "hiding behind" other devices which emit a radar signal, read my post in this thread about how the 9500i works... The 9500i only marks an exact frequency - not the entire band. A K-band automatic door uses a different frequency than a K-band gun, and the 9500i can distinguish between the two. Also, the Escorts can display multiple bogies on multiple frequencies when using ExpertMeter... Each vertical bar next to the band letter in the display is a signal strength indicator for that specific alert. Additionally, the Escorts can also display the exact frequency of the signal being tracked when using SpecDisplay.

See here for more information on the 9500i:
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