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Originally Posted by footie View Post

I have never said that manual will be as quick as DCT, for heaven sake I owned a DSG and know that it's quicker, haven't I said as much on countless occasions. You are missing my point as always, not everyone may want the jerk/surge and if BMW only offer the quickest shift and acceleration with this then in my opinion it's a mistake. Surely someone can have an opinion on this site which may conflict with your own.


I loved DSG from a technology point of view and found it's automatic modes brilliant but as a manual and primarily using the paddles in town I ended up hating the system and craved the connect that the gear stick give.
The problem with your opinion is its the same as saying "I think the world is flat". What you want isn't technically possible (Save for a CVT). Its not about preference. You want smooth, we all get that and its fine. Where we differ is you keep saying its possible to both be smooth and as fast as the next gear surge approach. Sorry, but cannot be done unless someone invents a really cool energy storage device to buffer that flywheel energy and slowly dissapate it through the duration of the next gear.

Then there is the irony of this. You think its a mistake to make the DCT not like DSG. However, you disliked DSG so much you bought a manual. Why would you think its a mistake to not make it like something you hate?
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.