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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Would everyone admit here that in anything other than S6 mode the M6 will be beaten by quite a few cars which wouldn't stand a chance when in S6 mode.
Originally Posted by footie View Post
My comments were not referring to the automatic part of the transmission but the manual section (S1 ~6). Maybe I should have made myself more clear for you rednecks, sorry that assumption was uncalled for but then so is the way your talk to people or should I say talk down to people.

On cold days I have used S5 insterad of 6 to reduce the dynamic peaks to adjust for the reduced traction of the rear tires.

When the actuall DCT results come back and S1-S6 are all faster than a manual car are you going to admit you were wrong all along?

There will be differences in acceleration, they will be small, but they will be non-zero. For those competing we still want every non-zero advantage we can get.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.