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The time I took the M3 to the drag strip I got the best time in A5, not S6. Another Footie theory up in smoke. The three runs I made varied by only 0.1s (s6,s6,a5)

Now at the track A5 cannot pick the shift points as well as a human so its not a good option. But in a straight line its ability to upshift at the perfect rpm ever time makes it a very good option.

SMG also has accelerometers for detecting when the car is turning. Under those conditions it adjusts the way it shifts.

You accuse us of bashing a system we are not familiar with, perhaps you should look in the mirror?

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Can I get a little off topic and it's my opinion why SMG was a badly executed design.

Would everyone admit here that in anything other than S6 mode the M6 will be beaten by quite a few cars which wouldn't stand a chance when in S6 mode. Surely that is a major failings in it's design when only the roughest of settings give the desired results.

Also with the new DCT, only S6 disconnects DSC (not sure of this being right) and in this mode the car has the most surge which will unbalance the chassis in corners when shifting.

Feel free to knock my opinions down but I don't agree with what BMW is doing and has done with their semi-automatics.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.