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I think many have not read or have forgotten this BMW document. Some quotes below. Again I criticize BMW marketing about as much as any but let's look at what they say and until we know otherwise, take it at face value. They can be sued for false advertising if the facts are too blatantly incorrect. The quote that says shifts occur in milliseconds may be a target here...

To provide an even more sporting driving impression and to further improve the carís acceleration ... The additional power generated
in this way comes out clearly in the new transmission ratio feeding torque and
traction to the drive wheels.
Conclusion: As we have been arguing. It feels faster and is faster due to the dump of flywheel momentum.

the change in gears now taking place without the slightest interruption of power and torque.
Conclusion: There is no appreciable deceleration as there is no interruption of power.

Precisely this is why the indicator needle in the rev counter is virtually the only sign of a change in gears when shifting in the automated mode. The load change reactions so typical of a conventional gearbox are avoided completely, ensuring a standard of driving comfort even under dynamic conditions never experienced before.
Conclusion: Automatic mode is going to be darn good and very comfortable.

The driving programs differ through the speed at which they change gears as well as the engine revs at which a gearshift is initiated. Both of these parameters are varied in all driving programs as a function of current driving conditions, the speed of the car, and the position of the gas pedal.
Conclusion: Despite some comments (both SteveD and footie) the shift times WILL vary, period.