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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
I disagree with this in principle. You can have zero time to disengage one clutch and reengage another. There could be a period where both clutches are engaged. The new clutch would start out slipping while the old one was still fully engaged. Then the old would start slipping until it was fully disengaged. By the time the old clutch is fully disengaged the new one will be fully engaged. In between this time both clutches would be engaged while the engine is still on throttle. Throughout this whole period torque is being supplied and no loss of acceleration would be seen.

This is theoretical. I really don't know if M-DCT can do this. . I am assuming it will. But remember: in theory, theory and reality are always the same. In reality, they're not.

Care to wager on your theory?

Here is a hint, if both clutches were engaged at the same time, you would be in 2 gears simulataneously. There is some finite period where neither are engaged and you will slow down, no matter how slight.

What would you like to wager?
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