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Originally Posted by gorun View Post
I think we are all missing the point here. Lets stop trying to guess and hold out for a week or two. My guess is that if you want DCT to be seamless it will be with no serious impact on acceleration. The big question is whether the Auto mode would be a failure like the one in the SMG cars. After all we would all like the convenience of an auto from time to time.
Well with either enormous over interest on "our" part, or the seemingly ever present and severe lack of information from BMW, we are left to speculate, theorize, extrapolate, model, etc. Many of us find it fun, hence a good 20% or so of this boards posts and threads.

One point to clarify is that when you use a bit of science (be it engineering, math, physics, materials science, etc.) along with knowledge about similar cars or components, throw in some simulation and just good old common sense you really can get pretty darn good "predictions" about the future. I think being able to make such predictions is enormously rewarding. Sure we get to stroke our own egos a bit when we get it right, but that is simply part of what makes it fun.

So in short, we (especially the M-DCT "club") are excited and anxious and having some fun. Hence the answer is no, we won't just wait.

As to your big question - I think it has already been answered. My "guess", as well as that of the majority of whom I believe to be "in the know" here, has been all along that the auto mode in the more comfortable settings will be incredible and incredibly better than SMG - very much a match for a good automatic. This has been more or less confirmed in multiple locations. First in early speculations, next in the big M-DCT press release from BMW, next in my post about my visit with a dealer in Frankfurt and lastly partially confirmed again right here in this thread.