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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I don't want to go into the old debate of the amount of modes on offered, been there, done that and it's a point that some of us will not see eye to eye on.

My only concern is that I hope BMW offer equally as good an accelerate with modes which don't disconnect the DSC and demand the jerk/surge. My guess is this was included to appeal to the current SMG customers. My understand on the technology is that each of the modes should be capable of shifting equally as quick as each other, the only difference I see between S1 and S6 would be this build-up of free energy. What difference this will make to the acceleration I don't know but until I sample it I don't know how it will feel.

Who knows, I might even like it.

The objective of dual clutch systems is to change gear without any noticeable interruption in power and forward motion, noticeable interruption to me means smooth transition between changes. That might be Audi's interpretation of this, BMW might have an altogether different opinion of that. I wish I knew someone who has driven the new GTR or EVO to get an opinion on their gear changes to see it each manufacturer has a different take on what Dual Clutch should behave like.

Steved or anyone?
I'm sorry, but I still don't get it. I thought the whole point of offering the lesser modes is for gentler driving -- less acceleration, more smooth. Who drives their car at maximum acceleration all the time? Lower settings give the engine time to slow its rpm's down to match the new selected gear so that when the clutch engages everything is synced up. Higher, more aggressive settings engage the clutch while the engine is still spinning faster. If the lower settings gave the same shift speed then it would make no sense to offer them.

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