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Originally Posted by footie View Post

Can you explain then why does the Veyron has no jerk in it's acceleration, after all it is the quickest accelerating car in the world (production spec). Surely by your reckoning if VAG wanted the Veyron it be even quicker they would have offered the equivalent to BMW's mode S6.

Also Audi quote an identical 0.2s difference between the manual and DSG system that BMW quote for theirs, so this proves to me that this horse shit of Jerk/surge is manufactured.

There seems to be an arrogance amount some of you when discussing things, it seems like the only way to try and win a debate is to talk down to someone. Bad form.
Car companies quote many things. I seriously don't know how to have a debate with you when you flat out deny what most everyone else on this thread realizes. Seriously, its not just me thats tired of it.

The other way to dissapate energy is to overlap the clutch engagements. That is to start engaging the next gear WHILE the previous is still engaged.

The next gear clutch slips
Then you increase tension on the next gear and reduce it on the previous gear clutch. both clutchs are slipping but the car is still accelerating.

Eventually the next gear clutch if fully engaged and the previously one disengaged. Basically you are slipping the clutches to dissipate the energy. Lots of wear and tear on the clutchs but smooth aceleration. From what I have read this is how the veryon does it. Not something I would want in a car that gets driven a lot. You are also wasting the stored energy in the flywheel and turning it into heat in the clutchs instead of acceleration.

One thing to remember. Audi is 4wd which would put extra stress on the clutches if they did it the BMW way since there would be less give or slip in the tires in case of overload.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.